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SCARRS: Scottish Council on Archives Records Retention Schedules

SCARRS is a tool that maps the typical records generated in support of the business activities of Scottish local authorities. It identifies statutory and regulatory retention periods for those records where these exist and suggests typical retention periods based on common practice and/or business requirements where statutory and regulatory periods do not exist.

Before utilising the schedules we recommend you download and consult our guidance. This provides an introduction to SCARRS and how best to implement the tool. You will also find sector route maps for different types of organisations, definitions and help with tricky concepts.

Not Legal Advice

SCARRS offers general guidance that must not to be confused with legal advice. Individual organisations are always legally responsible for their own records retention decisions and that liability cannot be transferred (in whole or in part) to the Scottish Council on Archives or any other external organisation.


This user guide will help you get the most out of SCARRS


All 26 schedules are freely available to download

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