Make Your Mark

The Scottish Council on Archives is proud of to be a part of the Make Your Mark in Volunteering campaign, which aims to increase the number and diversity of heritage volunteers in Scotland.

For volunteers, Make Your Mark is a volunteering portal that will connect you with organisations that care for Scotland’s places, history and culture. By volunteering, you can discover Scotland’s stories, care for local places, connect with likeminded people, learn new skills, network with staff and get behind-the-scenes access. Make Your Mark member organisations are committed to inclusive volunteering and have undergone the proper procedures to welcome you back safely.

For Scottish heritage organisations, Make Your Mark supports volunteer-involving heritage organisations in Scotland by:

To access all of the support Make Your Mark has to offer, all you have to do is sign up on their website. Membership is totally free! Join 70+ heritage organisations across Scotland in making heritage volunteering for all.

What organisations can join Make Your Mark?

Any Scottish heritage organisation who works with volunteers or would like to begin working with volunteers can join Make Your Mark. Make Your Mark ascribes to a wide definition of ‘heritage’, including public, private, charitable and other entities – the following are welcome:

  • Organisations that work with the natural and built environment
  • Organisations that preserve and celebrate intangible heritage (oral histories, dialects, memories, cultures, local lore)
  • Volunteer-led organisations
  • National museums
  • Civic trusts
  • Local heritage and history groups
  • Museums and galleries
  • Historic houses and castles
  • Libraries and archives
  • Buildings and monuments
  • Development trust associations

How can organisations join Make Your Mark?

Joining Make Your Mark is free and easy! To become part of Make Your Mark, a heritage organisation must read the Manifesto and sign the Expression of Commitment to signal its dedication to inclusive volunteering.