Help Improve SCARRS

SCARRS is never a truly finished product. Business processes change, technologies evolve, new law and regulations emerge, and gaps inevitably come to light.

The Scottish Council on Archives has invested resources in updating SCARRS but is also reliant on the wider community – regulators, practitioners and users – to help make SCARRS as robust as possible. If you have been using SCARRS and noted any errors or required changes, we want to hear from you.

How to Submit Feedback:

Please submit your feedback via email to If you are commenting on an existing record series, please provide the reference number from the schedule.

If you are suggesting an amendment to SCARRS, please describe your proposed change and provide the justification (for example, citing the relevant legislation or regulation, or outlining the business rationale behind the suggested change).

The Scottish Council on Archives will submit the change request to reviewers and you will hear of the outcome within six weeks.