ARA Professional and Career Development and Pay Review Group Information Workshop

With us already well into the new year, SCA are pleased to present a workshop that will offer archivists insights into developing their professional life.

The session will be led by Chris Sheridan, ARA Head of Professional Standards & Development.

In 2017 the ARA launched a competency framework which sets national standards in record keeping for the UK and Ireland. It identifies key competencies for professionals, para professionals and volunteers working within the archives, conservation and records management sector.

The ARA also launched its professional development programme, which enables all those working or volunteering in the sector to use their work experience and qualify as a Foundation, Registered or Fellow Member of the ARA.

In this session delegates will learn how to use the competency framework, how to qualify as a Foundation, Registered or Fellow member, and how CPD can help drive improvement and career development.

We are also pleased to be joined by Andrea Waterhouse, of the ARA Pay Review Group (PRG), who will provide an overview of the recent revision of recommended salary guidance, and the next steps on promoting it.

In August 2018, the PRG published revised salary recommendations for the sector, including for freelancers. The PRG’s findings can be found here. While the ARA is unable to enforce minimum pay grades with employers, but do have the means, reach and credibility to campaign and promote fair pay in our sector.

The salary recommendations can be used when negotiating better starting salaries and/or pay increases with employers, and the PRG are preparing further guidance on what you can do to promote the recommendations.

Register for this free event via Eventbrite, here.