Active Learning

“I tried out your Role on the Wall activity yesterday with a class of P7s. I just wanted to let you know that it gave the most wonderful results. I asked youngsters to imagine that they were one of the 49% of third class children on the Titanic who survived, to draw themselves and to write words which described their feelings and external comfort/discomfort. The whole class set to with gusto and came up with drawings & words which the teacher thought were wonderful.”Janet Baker, Education and Outreach Officer, Highland Archive Centre

“Active learning” describes education experiences where students are engaged in activity through which they learn. Our workshop explores three approaches from drama education which are highly effective in learning from archive records. 

In this context “drama” does not mean the production of a stage play for performance, but rather the use of drama techniques such as role-play to engage with the stories, places and events we encounter in original sources. 

You can download various resources from the workshop here, including the PowerPoint slides, summary notes and resources used in the workshop.