Understanding Copyright Webinar Series

Understanding Copyright Webinar Series

13 April 2021

Issues surrounding copyright law and related rights are of relevance to archivists and the cultural heritage sector worldwide. With an increased shift to online engagement, it is more important than ever for anyone who collects, preserves, and shares material-both in person and online-to have at least a basic understanding of how to address copyright issues and manage related risks.

Copyright issues can be notoriously complex and nuanced. The Scottish Council on Archives is delighted to be working with Dr Ellie Pridgeon who will be delivering a series of webinars to help demystify the topic. The series will feature practical examples and case studies to help those who manage archive collections to approach copyright quandaries with greater confidence and clarity.

Session One: Introduction

The first in a series of five offers an introduction to copyright and archives.

Session Two: Copyright Duration

In our second webinar, Ellie will explore copyright duration and offer insight to managing online materials.

Session Three: Managing and Researching Orphan Works (Tuesday 7 September, 11:00 – details to follow)

About Ellie:

Dr Ellie Pridgeon, BA, MA, PhD, Arch Dip, FSA, Director, Consultant Archivist Ltd

As an archives consultant, Ellie works with a range of heritage organisations, including museums, universities, charities and community archives. She is also copyright consultant for Naomi Korn Associates.