Connecting Families and Creating history during COVID-19 and beyond

Connecting Families and Creating history during COVID-19 and beyond

12 May 2020

These are momentous times, where right before our eyes history is being made, every second of every day.

COVID-19 is throwing up all sorts of challenges for us.  Challenges of separation, isolation, scarcity and hardship, the need for resilience, the power of community and the desire to give and to help one another are all at the forefront of our minds.

Great things can come from situations like this – not just grand gestures but also small things like having the time to chat with different family members and friends, and learn things that we perhaps never knew.

We welcome you to History Begins at Home, a new national campaign all about helping us to take small steps to re-ignite conversations with our families about the past.

Please take a look and join the conversation on Facebook at:


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Over the coming weeks and months, we’ll be exploring a host of themes; from food, toys and childhood memories to travel, traditions and technology.  The ideas are endless and we welcome yours too!

Apart from some much-needed fun, this campaign provides a great way to help people connect with others through conversation, give time to those who are important to them and maybe even learn something new along the way.

We also want to help people capture their conversations and discoveries – whether on paper, on film (photographs or video) or via audio recordings – and we’ll help make this really easy with some useful tools and pointers.