Scottish Jewish Archives Centre

Admission Card for Dorrith M. Oppenheim (Sim)

The Scottish Jewish Archives Centre (SJAC), in partnership with Garnethill Synagogue Preservation Trust, has created a Scottish Jewish Heritage Centre, which includes the Scottish Holocaust-era Study Centre.  The Study Centre provides access to SJAC’s fast-growing collections of documents, photographs and memorabilia relating to the estimated 2,500 Jewish refugees who came to Scotland before, during and after the Second World War.  The Study Centre includes a graphic panel display looking at the period 1930- 1945/46 and drawing from the SJAC unique collections.  This looks at how the Jewish community in Scotland and wider Scottish society came together to support and look after these refugees.

There are digital resources and a specialist library, as well as handling kits for schoolchildren, based on the experiences of three refugees who found sanctuary here. (This document is reproduced in one of these handling kits.)

SJAC encourages the study of the thousands of refugee documents in its collections and emphasises the major contribution made by refugees to Scottish society, the economy, education, medicine, science and cultural life.  This area of interest has great relevance to events and social developments in Scotland in the 21st century.

This particular document is part of the extensive Dorrith M. Sim Collection at the Scottish Jewish Archives Centre.  The late Dorrith Sim (Oppenheim) left clear instructions that her family archive  should remain in Scotland, where she found sanctuary as a child.