Caring for Sound and Moving Image Collections

The results of SCA’s community archives survey showed there is a desire for training in basic conservation, cataloguing and digital preservation while creating a network of resources to support people working with community archives. On the 26 February 2020 we provided a training day for community heritage groups caring for Sound and Moving Image Collections.

Working with National Library of Scotland (NLS), and in partnership with the Unlocking our Sound Heritage Project – an ambitious 5 years project headed by the British Library. The one-day event provided advice on how to identify and care for sound and moving image formats, what to think about when planning digitisation, what information to include when cataloguing and how sound and film can be used to support learning and engagement activities.

The day included three separate case studies which successfully use sound and moving images materials in community collections, for the interpretation and display in a new museum and the challenges involved preserving community conversations.

Following the success of this event, we are delighted to be working again with NLS staff to produce a webinar with all the talks including the three case studies, on Tuesday 25 August 2020. It will provide an opportunity to ask questions of the experts and share your own experiences. To register for the event click here.

You can find a planned programme for the webinar here, and also read a blog by two participants of the original workshop here.

We are fortunate to have four short video presentations, each providing a snapshot of a topic covered at the First Steps: Caring for Sound and Moving Image Collections on the 26 February 2020

So, You’re Thinking About Digitising – what to consider when planning a digitisation project by Jeni Park, Project Manager Unlocking Our Sound Heritage, National Library of Scotland

A Brief Primer: Magnetic Tape and Archival Preservation – Start to identify what’s in your collection by Conor Q Walker, Audio Preservation Engineer, National Library of Scotland

Context through Cataloguing: Considerations for Audio Collections – Initial steps to listing your collection by Rob Smith, Cataloguing Co-Ordinator Unlocking Our Sound Heritage, National Library of Scotland

Debunking the Myths of Copyright – a short summary of what’s safe to display by Mel Reeve-Rawlings, Sound Rights Officer, National Library of Scotland