Your Scottish Archives Portal Update and Q&A


Presenters: John Pelan and Miriam Buncombe, Scottish Council on Archives, and Jane Stevenson, Archives Hub.

An opportunity to hear about progress with the new Your Scottish Archives portal and to find out how your archive service can become a contributor. Descriptions will all be provided to the Archives Hub and from there to Your Scottish Archives. Find out how to become involved, the process of contributing and updating your data, and what the data requirements are.

Your Scottish Archives is being developed by the Scottish Council on Archives in partnership with Archives Hub and will improve online access to Scotland’s archive collections, particularly those held by local authorities, universities and smaller repositories.

Development of the new portal will involve migrating data from Scottish repositories at collection and item level where possible. A key element of the project will be the facility for managers of local collections to export data into the new hub, in batches, through complete data transfers or using the Hub’s EAD editor.

The project will improve the level of access to archive collections available to current and potential users and provide more opportunities for engagement both physically and virtually with archives. The new portal will provide resources for members of the public, historians, researchers and genealogists who wish to interact with and use Scotland’s archives collections as well as learning tools for teachers and archivists working with schools and colleges.