Jedburgh Anna

Jedburgh Anna

The Heritage Hub in Hawick created this primary schools resource based on the ‘Anna Case’, a fascinating dispute over a piece of common ground that took place in Jedburgh in 1846. The Anna Case resource is an opportunity for pupils to develop a variety of skills and knowledge using unique historical material from the Scottish Borders.

Background on The Anna Case

The Anna Case is a unique historical document that has survived from 1846, and it tells the story of a dispute which at one time was the talk of the Borders. In the document real people from the town of Jedburgh tell their memories of all the things people used to do on ‘The Anna’, a piece of common ground at the foot of the town. These include drying and bleaching clothes, breaking stones for road-making, drying seeds, exercising horses, tumbling performances and much, much more. Pupils will find themselves in the middle of a battle between the inhabitants of the town who use the Anna to carry out their livelihoods, and Mr Deans the gardener, who has purchased the Anna and wants to enclose it to develop his nursery. Providing a wealth of social detail that brings Borders history to life, the Anna Case is ideal for teachers working on a Victorians project, and also those who are looking for ways to incorporate citizenship and drama work into their term.

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Anna activities broken down

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Workshop package for P4-P7 pupils from the Heritage Hub in Hawick, covering Citizenship, Drama and Social Studies

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