CPD Modules for Archivists

CPD Modules for Archivists

Covid-19 has changed the way we work over the past year. With social distancing and a shift to working online here to stay for the medium term, how can archives respond?

Our recent sector consultation tells us that archives outreach work is as important as ever, but there are concerns and skills gaps in moving to the online environment. In response we’ve put together a winter series of outreach training events that we’re calling ten twenty thirty.

Life’s too short for long boring webinars so our professional learning modules each last exactly an hour.

They start with a ten minute introductory film providing an overview, links to follow and some background reading. You can watch this in your own time up to a week before the learning event.

For the live event, on Zoom, we presented a twenty minute learning package going into more depth and detail, and followed by a thirty minute session for questions and facilitated discussion to share ideas and experiences. Catch up with all sessions and learning materials below.

Session One: Online Exhibitions (November 2020)

We presented our learning module about Creating Online Exhibitions in November 2020. The introductory ten-minute video, above, offers an overview of the subject and some background reading before the main webinar session.

You can also find recordings of the two webinar sessions on 20 and 27 November below. The slides from the webinar presentation are downloadable as a PDF document. A second document contains the links to the various websites and web tools referenced in the webinar, also below.

If you would like further advice about creating online exhibitions contact our Education Development Officer Douglas Roberts here.

20 November Webinar Recording

27 November Webinar Recording

Webinar Presentation

Useful Links

Session Two: Building and Maintaining Online Audiences (December 2020)

Our next learning module focussed on developing an online audience for your archive service. Covid-19 means that online communication is central to keeping our services in the public eye. We looked at the different social media platforms, website options, digital communication tools, and strategies for getting people interested and engaged with your records and the services you offer. We also explored how to use words and images to best effect, how to build momentum and run online campaigns and projects.

The ten minute introductory video is above, and the recording of the webinar is below, plus a PDF version of the presentation.

Webinar Recording (11 December 2020)

Webinar Presentation

Session Three: Video and Audio Podcasts

Our latest learning module in this series is about creating podcasts, both audio and video. Podcasts have become immensely popular in recent years, and an excellent way to maintain contact with your archive users, local audiences and a wider public. With a little simple know-how, podcasts are straightforward to create and make available online.

Watch the 10-minute introductory film about making video and audio podcasts above, and the webinar recording is below.

Webinar Recording (29 January 2021)