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Webinar Series: A Step By Step “How- To” Guide on Oral History

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  • Glasgow City Archives

    Glasgow City Archives are housed in the Mitchell Library. The single largest collection is the records of the city of Glasgow itself, which includes the modern City Council and its predecessors. It also holds records of some contiguous local authorities and a large number of private archive collections including records of churches, landed families and estates, businesses, clubs and societies. The collections date from the 12th century to the 21st. Read more about their work and resources here. 

    They hope to begin capturing stories of an Italian and Lithuanian group residing in Glasgow throughout the VCS project.

  • Orkney Archive Services   

    Orkney Archive Services aims to promote an understanding of the history of the Orkney Islands by selecting, preserving and providing access to archives and published material relating to Orkney. This includes the archives of Orkney Islands Council and its predecessors, local individuals, estates, businesses and organisations. 

    The Archive is a treasure trove full of historical documents, useful for local and family history and to academics and researchers keen to find out more about life in Orkney over the ages. It also holds an extensive photographic archive dating from around the 1860s, as well as an amazing collection of sound recordings dating from the 1950s. Researchers will additionally find the local studies collection containing secondary resources relating to the history and culture of Orkney and Shetland, dating from the 17th century onwards, particularly helpful. 

    The Archive’s website can be found at: Orkney Archive – Orkney Library & Archive  and from here there are links to our opening hours, the local studies, photographic and sound collections overviews, as well as a link to the downloads section. 

    They do not have an online catalogue for readers to find item level descriptions at the moment. This is something they are looking into for the near future. They do have top level descriptions to our collections on SCAN Scottish Archive Network ( under Repository Code GB241. 

    They have some example images from our photographic archive collections at Photographic Archive – Orkney Library & Archive  and people can click on each person and find images from some of their work.  They recently created an exhibition featuring Gunnie Moberg’s photographic works here in the Library and Archive, forming part of the BBC’s Art That Made Us Festival in April of 2022. They also regularly display exhibitions within the Archives showcasing the wonderful collections that are preserved.


  • Tasglann nan Eilean – The Hebrides

    Tasglann nan Eilean is the archive service of Comhairle nan Eilean Siar, the local authority which covers the Outer Hebrides. They preserve and provide access to the historical records of the Comhairle and its predecessors, as well as those of other organisations and individuals which have been gifted or deposited. 

    Tasglann nan Eilean is based alongside Museum nan Eilean in a purpose-built facility adjacent to Lews Castle in Stornoway which opened in 2016. Their remit is to ensure that the archives are preserved for future generations, and can be accessed for research, education or enjoyment. 

    Access to the archives is provided either remotely through our enquiry service, or in person at our reading room. They also promote the archive collections by hosting occasional group visits, delivering talks and participating in joint exhibitions with Museum nan Eilean. Tasglann nan Eilean also works in partnership with the network of comainn eachdraidh (local historical societies) and other community organisations in the Outer Hebrides providing advice and guidance on archive-related matters. 






  • Edinburgh City Archives

    Edinburgh City Archives will be working closely with Edinburgh Caribbean Association, SRC and The Welcoming Association for Voices; The Community Story.

    The Edinburgh City Archives hold the historical records of the City of Edinburgh Council and its previous authorities. We also collect records which relate to the Edinburgh area created by

    • clubs
    • societies
    • individuals
    • businesses
    • organisations.

    Their aim is to preserve these records and make them available to members of the public. Please find more information on their website here. 

  • The Welcoming Association – Edinburgh

    The Welcoming is an independent charity set up to support New Scots (refugees, asylum seekers and migrants) to feel at home in Edinburgh by building communities and learning together. Their vision is to build a diverse and inclusive Scotland where everyone feels welcome and can achieve their full potential.  

    They do this by: 

    • Supporting New Scots to learn English, find jobs and access local services 
    • Offering opportunities for friendship, sustainable living, creativity, health and well-being 
    • Connecting locals and New Scots through social and cultural exchange 
    • Collaborating with others to share knowledge and influence positive change

    Find their website here

  • Edinburgh Caribbean Association

    They will be working closely with SRC and Edinburgh City Council on the Voices: the Community Story. The Edinburgh Caribbean Association promotes Caribbean culture in Scotland, explores our shared heritage and provides community for all those who love the Caribbean.




  • Perth and Kinross Archive

    Perth & Kinross Archive looks after official, business, community, family and personal records relating to all aspects of the history of Perth & Kinross, dating from the twelfth century to the present day. More information can be found here



  • Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives

    Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives will be working closely with the Elphinstone Institute at The University of Aberdeen. They provide an important service to members and officials of Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Councils while maintaining public access to our collections through our search room services and outreach activities.

    They ensure that the records are housed in secure accommodation under suitable environmental conditions on our two sites – the Town House and Old Aberdeen House. Fragile material is protected and stored appropriately and conservation of documents is undertaken by specialists when required.

    The records are sorted and catalogued by us and made available to the public in the searchrooms. Our Online Catalogue has detailed descriptions of many of our collections and is continually updated so remember to keep checking back. Collection level descriptions of some of our records are also available on the Scottish Archive Network (SCAN).

    Please find more information on their website.

  • Aberdeen – Elphinstone Institute

    The Elphinstone Institute will be working closely with Aberdeen City and Aberdeenshire Archives on Voices: The Community Story project. The is a centre for Ethnology, Folklore, and Ethnomusicology, with a special focus on vernacular culture in the North-East and North of Scotland. They are unique at the University in that we have a triple remit for research, teaching, and community engagement. The Elphinstone Institute houses the Buchan Library and the Elphinstone Institute Archives, both of which are resources available on the general public on appointment 

    Their website can be found here. 

  • Highlands – High Life Highland

    Highland Archive Service collects, conserves and makes accessible records which reflect the history and diversity of the Scottish Highlands and its inhabitants for the benefit of present and future generations.  

    We have four centres covering the Highland region in Caithness, Inverness, Lochaber and Skye and Lochalsh. The archives held at these centres are the records of official bodies, businesses, societies and individuals and are a unique records of our Highland past. They date from the 14th century to the present day and include records of schools, poor relief, churches, businesses and family and estate papers. Your are welcome to consult the archives during opening hours and staff will be on hand to assist you. We are also available to undertake research on your behalf if you are not able to visit one of our centres (charges apply).  Their website can be found here

  • Dumfries and Galloway

    The heritage service at Dumfries and Galloway  (archives, local studies and family history), tells the story of 600 years of Dumfries and Galloway’s history, culture and people.The Heritage Service promotes, preserves, and provides access to historical collections and resources including official archives and records of individuals, estates, businesses, and organisations. We have a wealth of resources to help with family history and genealogy research. Find their website and resources here. 

  • Fourth Valley Welcome

    Fourth Valley is working closely with Stirling and Clackmannanshire archives on this project. Forth Valley Welcome originated in Stirling as Stirling Citizens for Sanctuary but, from the beginning, they have actively supported Syrians and other Refugees who have been re-settled in Stirlingshire and Clackmannanshire. They have kept in close contact with other Refugee Support groups throughout the Forth Valley as well as being involved at national level. They changed their name to Forth Valley Welcome at the end of March 2018 to reflect the facts. Only the name has changed. the Constitution, Charity number etc. remain the same.





  • Clackmannanshire Archives

    Clackmannanshire Archives will be working closely with Stirling archives and Fourth Valley Welcome on this oral history project. Clackmannanshire Archives cares for and provides access to the historical records relating to the county. Many of these records were previously held by the Central Region Archives Department at Stirling.Our archive contains the records of the former County of Clackmannan, Clackmannan District, the old Alloa, Alva, Dollar and Tillicoultry burghs and the Alloa and Hillfoots district councils.Within these holdings there are major runs of material such as local authority minutes, letter books, school log books and Valuation and Assessment Rolls. As well as local government records, the repository also contains a number of private deposits of material from local organisations, families, individuals and businesses.





  • Stirling Archives

    On Voices: The Community Story project Stirling Archives will be working closely with Fourth Valley Welcome and Clackmannanshire Archives to conduct interviews throughout the Fourth Valley area. Stirling Archives holds records of council and community from the 14th century with resources free for all to access. You can find their website here. 

  • Leisure and Culture Dundee

    Dundee Local History Centre is based in Dundee Central Library, and holds a wide range of collections on Dundee and its history, including books, documents, print ephemera, images, and audio. ErinFarley, Library & Information Officer for Local History, will be working with the Voices project to record the stories of artists – in any art form and at any level – who have made Dundee their home.

    Find their website here.

    Information about their collections on ArchivesHub here. 








The Oral History Interviews

VCS – Belonging in the Highlands: A Tour of The Highland Archive Centre

Highlife Highland are hosting a tour of the Highland archive centre in Inverness on the 28th October 2022 from 2-4pm. It will be a great opportunity to learn about the history of migration in the Highlands whilst exploring the facilities, engaging with the expert staff and meeting other people involved …

VCS – St Mungo’s Weans, Glasgow City Archives Event

Glasgow City Archives is hosting a very exciting event titled ‘St Mungo’s Weans’ which will tell the story of migration to Scotland using archival material and exhibitions held in the Mitchell Library in Glasgow. This event will take place on the 13th of September 2pm – 4pm and is sure …

Saber Came to Tea

6-7 August 10:30 Venue 82 – ZOO Southside – Main House Saber Came to Tea is an entertaining short play with original music and magic that tells the story of one young woman’s defiant stand against the constraining social norms of her family. A young Yemeni couple risk their family …

Scottish International Storytelling Festival

The Scottish International Storytelling Festival, which runs from 14 – 30 October 2022, invites you to explore Scotland’s Stories. Stories and songs are vital for human survival. They carry our emotions, memories and values. They bind us together as families, communities and a nation, especially through tough times. Find out …

Oral History Events in Scotland:

Scottish International Storytelling Festival – One of the largest and most admired storytelling events is due to run from the 14th – 30th October in Edinburgh. Find out more here. 

The Scottish Storytelling Centre – for a whole host of events taking place this summer see their website here

Or why not head along to an incredibly important workshop by  Daniel Sterridge held at the Scottish Storytelling Centre on 29th July @10am titled ‘Personal Narratives in Storytelling’ to learn about ways to bring your own personal story to life in an empowering and safe way. Find out more here. 

Fringe Events:

Will you be in Edinburgh this August? Are you interested in seeing some amazing performances, exhibition and workshops all dedicated to storytelling and the spoken word? Find out more below…

Scottish Storytelling Centre Fringe Program.

  • Includes a wide variety of performances from exploring Scottish myths and legends to a timely oral retelling of the partition of India on its 75th anniversary.

Story Builders Workshop 

  • Do you want to hone your storytelling skills? This workshop will run on the 18th of August 11am-noon and is perfect for kids, adults and everyone in between! find out more here

There are hundreds of performances throughout August with something for everyone’s interests. Have a look at the official fringe festival program to see if anything catches your eye!

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Webinar 1 – Interviewing Techniques

Welcome to our first webinar episode! Click the video below to find out about the interviewing techniques that will help you feel more confident and prepared going into your oral history interviews.

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