Collections Care

Caring for collections helps to preserve them for future generations. When you understand how storage materials, the general environment and handling affect archival collections, you can take sensible steps to minimise their gradual deterioration and reduce the likelihood of accidental damage.

Archives have lots of enemies: the acid inherent in modern paper, light, dampness, dryness, heat, and pollution, the risks of flooding or fire, and damage from water used to put out a fire. The biggest enemy of archives is people: our use of archives results in gradual deterioration through wear and tear, and we can damage archives by handling them badly.

We can’t completely stop the process of decay of documents but we can delay this by using good storage materials which protect the documents from pollutants and external acids. Learning how to handle archives better will help to preserve them.

Read on to find out how to care for your collections. As you do this, consider writing a Collections Care Plan. This will help you identify what you currently do, what you can start to do cheaply and quickly, and what will need funding. You can download an outline Collections Care plan by clicking here, with suggestions about what to put in it depending on your circumstances and needs.

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Online Resources

British Library Preservation Guides. These downloadable pdf guides include basic preservation, cleaning books and documents, funding for preservation and conservation, using library and archive collections, preservation of photographic materials and many more.

The National Archives Preservation Blog. A regular series of blogs with useful information about handling and protecting archives. Look for blogs about when not to wear gloves!

Canadian Conservation Institute (CCI) Notes. Look for the Notes on Paper and books (N11) which include storage, removing paper from frames, basic care of books and display methods for books.

The Institute of Conservation (Icon) – Care of Collections Resources

What’s Eating Your Collection?

Buggy Biz: Integrated Pest Management in Collections

Community Archives Collections Care – Informational Poster

National Register of Archives for Scotland – Preservation Guidelines for Private Owners

Collections Care Plans

To download our customisable Outline Collections Care Plan, click here.

Collections Care Plan Examples

If you are starting to write a collections care plan, you can look at these examples for inspiration and guidance:

Lancashire local authority Collection Care Plan

NRS Collection Care Plan

The Collections Trust Collections Care and Conservation Plan Template

Association of Independent Museums Collection Care Plan


Caring for Community Archives

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