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What is ARMS?

The ARMS framework outlines key outcomes and performance indicators for archives and records management services. It has a clear message – efficiency is best served by drawing together scarce resources and expertise into a single integrated archives and records management service. Where such integration is impractical, in-house expertise should be harnessed to the full. This can be especially important when settling the terms of reference for a consultancy or when working with a consultant.

ARMS is not prescriptive. It is designed to be a flexible tool that meets the varied needs and ‘on the ground’ realities of services that exist in many sizes and models:

  • Those operating as standalone archives and/or records management services can choose the performance indicators best suited to their services. Some tailoring of performance indicators may be required for non-integrated archives and records management services.
  • The Framework also applies regardless of size, though again some tailoring of its application may be required to address the needs of smaller services.

This Framework is especially important in the context of the Public Records (Scotland) Act 2011  It assists in securing the necessary improvements in records management and in maintaining and building on those improvements. To learn more about ARMS, take a video tour of the online tool.