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Penny Wright and Ruth Marr - Digital Preservation for Scottish Local Authorities

Penny Wright and Ruth Marr, Digital Preservation Trainee, National Records of Scotland

Over the past twelve months I have been invovled in creating the new digital preservation tools developed for Scottish local authorities by National Records of Scotland. These guidance and capacity planning tools are designed to assist local authority archivists and record managers get started with digital preservation. They have been the focus of both my own and, fellow Skills trainee, Ruth Marr's traineeship.

The aim for this project is to work with Scottish local authorities to produce tailored guidance for the digital preservation process, after determining their readiness and current ability to preserve born-digital records.

The guidance to digital preservation is intended to act as a starting point for local authority archivists to find simple information about the process and how to get started, why it’s important and who needs to be involved to make it happen.

The target audience is local authority archivists and record managers, but an important aspect of the guidance is that it can be read by other key stakeholders, such as financial managers and IT managers who will need to support the process.

Therefore the principles and drivers behind digital preservation are clearly articulated, so that while it includes current best practice and some simple technical direction, it can be read by a wider audience than those ultimately tasked with managing digital preservation.

At two events this summer, in Glasgow on 10 July, and Aberdeen on 8 August, we presented the tool and guidance, and an overview can be downloaded on this page.