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National Centre for Resilience

Alessia Morris of the Scottish Government, and James Sharp OBE, of the Met Office, are actively involved with the NCR and its establishment.


The National Centre for Resilience (NCR) is a collaborative partnership bringing together resilience partners, communities and academia to enhance our resilience and preparedness to natural hazards.  The NCR will help to improve our understanding of the impact of both risks and emergencies on communities and provide community groups with access to learning and exercising opportunities.  The Centre has 6 Strategic Priorities: Improve Scotland’s Resilience to natural hazards such as severe weather, flooding and landslides; Build Community Resilience across Scotland; Contribute to the development of Scotland’s Resilience Research capability on natural hazards and community resilience; Improve the protection and resilience of Scotland’s water assets and critical infrastructure; Scope the development of innovative approaches to natural hazards training.; Exploit world class multi-agency resilience arrangements at the local level to build national resilience.