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Emma Dadson, Key Account Director, Harwell

Emma Dadson is Business Development Manager for Harwell Restoration, the leading service provider of specialist salvage for the heritage sector the UK and Ireland.

Emma has been named the 'Business Continuity Consultant of the Year' award at the Business Continuity Awards in 2007 and 2014 and is a previous Chair of the British Damage Management Association. She holds a Masters degree in Classics from Oxford University and is an accredited Disaster Recovery Technician, Specialist Restorer and Honorary Fellow of the BDMA.

In 2012 Emma completed her book Emergency Planning and Response for Libraries, Archives and Museums (Facet Publishing). She is a regular invited speaker to events for the heritage sector in the UK and Ireland. In 2015 Emma was invited to sit on the International Council of Archives’ Expert Group on Emergency Planning and Disaster Response.


Emma will share recent experiences and provide guidance on effective emergency planning and providing useful and pragmatic advice on how to ensure your plans work both on paper and in practice and examining some of the wider issues often given scant attention in emergency plans, including building restoration, health and safety and salvage strategy scalability.