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Ballast Trust

Benefits to Society

Business archives have a wider social value. The central role that business and the economy play in our lives through wealth creation and the provision of goods and services mean they contribute an important element of our local, regional and national heritage.

All individuals connect with business and the economy as consumers. A business’s need for a workforce can create, sustain and develop communities. Similarly, a business’s closure can decimate the same communities.  For consumers, the products of business and industry form a part of our national identity, whether through branding, imagery or our built environment. Business records are therefore key sources in helping us to understand and connect with our past and present.

Business records:

  • Are a shared cultural asset documenting a collective past and present.
  • Help celebrate communities.
  • Document a collective past through staff records, photographs, film and oral histories and inspire the future.
  • Have educational value for a wide range of researchers from those engaged in amateur and local and family historians through to academic economists.