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The Working Archive campaign ran from April 2013 to May 2014 and aimed to encourage archives, their users and the public at large to celebrate the heritage of Scotland’s businesses; the records of the products and services they delivered; and the legacy of working Scots of all kinds - whether in business, farming, healthcare, education, the church or government.

The campaign also sought to illuminate how archives themselves work. It was an opportunity to raise awareness of the special role that archivists play in communities, and on behalf of the organisations and users they serve. In short, the campaign celebrated Scotland’s extraordinary ‘working archives’.

These twin strands of the awareness campaign can be summarised as:

Records of Work discovering archives that evidence the heritage of Scottish businesses and the products and services they deliver, that tell stories about individual working lives and  national legacies in the spheres of industry, engineering, agriculture, medicine, religion, education, and countless other sectors.

How Archives Workfinding out about how archivists work, the impact they make on communities, and the services they provide on behalf of businesses, local government, universities, researchers and more.

Press Releases

Working Archive Blog

As part of the Working Archive awareness campaign we have create a blog to share stories of those extraordinary individual working lives. Click on the titles below to read the latest tales from business archives collections across Scotland.


We used twitter to promote the campaign and you can now follow the latest news from the Business Archives Surveying Officer who has taken over the running of the @workingarchive account.


Working Archive on Flickr

If your archive was already using Flickr we sugggested tagging your images of Scotland's working past with the tag "working archive" to them and they appeared here: