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Towards Sharing Collecting Policies

Release Date: 28 September 2016

Following on from consultation with archive services, encouraging the sharing of information and providing a central information hub for collecting policies has been highlighted as something the Scottish Council on Archives can facilitate for the benefit of the sector.

The SCA is now seeking to establish an information hub for collecting policies across Scotland. We would be grateful if you could complete a brief survey. This survey should only take 15 minutes or less to complete. You can save and return to your survey if you are unable to complete it in one sitting. Your participation in the survey will allow us to coordinate and provide a central hub for this information.

The survey will also allow us to improve and expand the profiles of services and their collections on our Archives Map.

The survey will be closed on Friday 14 October 2016 and we hope to provide a one-stop information hub from the results by the end of the year.

A number of institutions have already submitted copies of their collecting policies. We would be grateful if you are able to ensure you complete our survey and to indicate whether or not you consent to your submitted policies being shared on the SCA website.

If you would like to add your collecting policy and are happy to share it with others, please email a copy of it to