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Shetland Museum and Archives

Lead, Inform, Inspire

Leading Scotland’s archives and records management community to inspire and inform the nation (Vision Statement)

Working with the sector and other associates to develop services and realise their potential for users (Mission Statement)

We lead on the advocacy and development of archive and records management services in Scotland and support both historic collections and modern records management services. The work we do falls under four broad headings:

Research: collecting information about Scottish archives

Advocacy: making the case for continued investment in Scottish archives

Marketing: promoting opportunities for research and learning in Scottish archives

Development: providing training and development opportunities for Scottish archives

Strategic Goals

The direction of the Council is encapsulated in six strategic goals that provide the overarching framework for all activities and commitments:

  1. Promote joint working by service providers in order to build capacity and create and support mutually beneficial partnerships.
  2. Actively encourage the development and appointment of individuals from the sector to senior decision-making roles.
  3. Identify and support workforce development.
  4. Support the Scottish sector in its development of the capacity and organisational sponsorship to effectively identify, curate and make accessible digital information in perpetuity.
  5. Support the Scottish sector to develop the capacity and organisational sponsorship to develop relevant and valued online services.
  6. Lead advocacy in Scotland for the sector’s role in cultural heritage, business efficiency, and individual and community identity.

National Outcomes

Our strategic goals assist us to continue to deliver initiatives and activities that support the Scottish Government’s National Outcomes. That remains a practical expression of the Council's commitment to seeing archives and records management as contributing to the culture, heritage and business needs of Scotland.

Constitution & Charitable Purposes

If you are interested in joining as a member, registering interest in becoming a trustee or just learning more about our governance and charity processes, please download the Constitution here or from the useful documents. You can also visit the Get Involved section. Our charitable purposes are:

  • to promote and support the effectiveness and efficiency of archive and records management services across Scotland through a range of advocacy, marketing, co-ordination and development activities in relation to the creation, preservation and archiving of Scotland’s information, culture and heritage;
  • to advance the creation, preservation and archiving of information, culture and heritage;
  • to provide and advance education, training, understanding and responsible awareness of the creation, preservation and archiving in schools, within communities and amongst professionals;
  • to encourage greater access to and use of archives by the public by means of the acquisition, conservation, promotion and exhibition of archives and records;
  • to research and assess the social and economic impact of archives and records management services and to use and promote the results of such research and assessment; and
  • to work in partnership and through networks in achieving these Charitable Purposes and in encouraging participation both professional and voluntary in relation to them.