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Explore Your Archive

Archives Inspire. Without them we could not study our personal histories or the histories of our communities or nations. There would be no historically rich novels and films. We would know nothing about the lives of our predecessors. We would not be able to revisit controversial political decisions or compelling legal cases.

Through the Explore Your Archive campaign we are inviting everyone to explore the treasures in archives around you. Archives are where the records of your life, your community, your business, your nation and your world are collected, kept safe and made accessible. We all benefit from archives – often without realising: we want more people to understand and value their richness and diversity.

There are so many kinds of archives: in local authorities and governments, in businesses, in schools and universities, in charities, in private houses, in cultural and religious organisations… All playing their part in keeping our collective memory safe and accessible for future generations. Find one near you on our Scottish Archives Map.

Archives across the UK will be helping you to explore your archive by holding events, exhibitions and other activities. Find out more at

If you are an archive service and want to get involved please click here.