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National Records of Scotland

Many Stories, One Scotland: A National Plan for Learning 2012-2015

Commissioned and informed by our Education Committee, the plan was published in 2012 with the aim of developing a strategic approach to strengthening links between education and archives.

The plan aims to bring together two sets of skills, those of the educator and those of the archivist, with the educator in the driving-seat. In other words, the Plan is not about archives as such. It is about how educators can utilise archives to support the Curriculum for Excellence.

This innovative Plan is built on the strong foundations of the existing work of archivists in the area of education. It is important that those significant and successful efforts are highlighted. Case studies have been included to provide an overview of what has already been achieved.

The pilot projects that followed the publication of Many Stories, One Scotland focussed on schools - nursery, primary and secondary - in areas of social disadvantage, both urban and rural. The pilot was successfully delivered on the basis of productive partnerships with educational and archival staff, but there was also a strong emphasis on working with local communities and on bringing parents and children into the learning environment. 

Many Stories, One Scotland reflects the commitment, enthusiasm, professionalism and determination of educators and archivists. They have come together to harness the depth and diversity of Scotland’s archival heritage to enrich and further broaden Scottish education. Download by clicking on the cover or from the useful documents.

Pilot Reports

The main findings from the pilot are provided in brief in the summary report. Alternatively the full version includes a range of appendices. Download by clicking the cover below or from the useful documents. You can discover more about each Pilot and other successfully implemented learning and outreach activities in the Examples of Good Practice section.