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Economic Impact Toolkit

Cultural organisations are under increasing pressure to supply robust evidence to demonstrate their contribution to the economy and public life, in order to ward off budget cuts and attract external funding. Research commissioned by the Alliance of Libraries, Museums and Archives UK (ALMA-UK) aimed to help museums, libraries and archives create transparent, locally-relevant impact reports capable of withstanding economists’ scrutiny has resulted in the development of the Economic Impact Toolkit for Museums and Archives.

The Scottish Council on Archives is a member of ALMA-UK and contributed to the development of the toolkit. The ALMA-UK Economic Impact Toolkit along with guidance can be accessed here.

If your organisation looks after more than one archive, you might wish to aggregate the findings so that you can present a picture group of archives. This will enable you to see the impact you are having in the geographical area you represent. The economic impact aggregation toolkit was designed alongside the economic impact toolkit and is also an electronic resource. It comes complete with a guidance document explaining how to use it. Both the aggregation toolkit and the guidance document are free to download and use. Click here for more information.


Learn more about the development of the Economic Impact Toolkit

Economic Impact Toolkit

Access the Economic Impact Toolkit and guidance.