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National Register of Archives for Scotland

Address The Registrar, National Register of Archives for Scotland, HM General Register House, Princes Street, Edinburgh, EH1 3YY
Access The arrangements for consulting privately held papers vary and may be with the owner or at an archive local to them. Some collections may be deposited temporarily at the National Records of Scotland for consultation in the Historical Search Room. Some owners may charge an administration fee for arranging access to their papers.

About NRAS

The National Register of Archives for Scotland (NRAS) was set up in 1946 to compile a record of collections of private papers in Scotland, to encourage their care, and to make information about them available to researchers and others.

The Register now contains over 4,300 lists or ‘surveys’ of private papers including the records of landed estates, private individuals, businesses, law firms and societies. The NRAS does not hold any of these private papers.

The Register also includes surveys of similar papers which have been deposited in the archives and libraries of local authorities and universities. In addition, the Scottish Archives Network (SCAN) provides access to the holdings of more than 50 Scottish archives.

Copies of all the surveys available on the Register can be consulted in the National Records of Scotland. Surveys can also be searched on the online Register, though not all of the surveys are available electronically.

NRAS surveys are also included in the electronic indexes which can be found on the homepage of the National Register of Archives which is maintained by The National Archives: Historical Manuscripts Commission. Please note that TNA: HMC give all NRAS surveys a separate NRA reference. For example, NRA 11000 refers to NRAS 234, papers of the Dukes of Atholl.