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Get Involved Online

There are lots of opportunities with archives around the world to get involved online and volunteer a small amount of your time to help archives with particular projects that they may be undertaking.

And if you get a taste for archives, and become interested in volunteering in person, many local archives have regular volunteer programmes. Get in touch with them directly to find out more. View our Archives Map to find contact details for your local archive (remember not all Scottish archives are listed yet, so do search wider if you can't find what you're looking for).

Are there any online voluntary archival projects that we have not included? Let us know at

American National Archives

Undertake set ‘transcription missions’ or create your own.


Transcribe artists' papers & sketchbooks of artists held by the Tate.


Join the community, transcribe documents and earn points.

The Australian War Memorial

Transcribe documents in the Memorial's collection.


Transcribe, geo-reference or clip the collection of Welsh tithe maps.

Discovering Deeds

Latin readers can help Cheshire Archives to translate Medieval Deeds

Europeana Sounds

Tag the musical instruments that you hear in the sound recordings.

Europeana Transcribathon

Volunteer to transcribe unique, unpublished, records from WWI.

Free BMD

Transcribe the registration index of births, marriages and deaths.

GB 1900

Help to compile the most detailed list of historic places in Britain.

Measuring the ANZACs

Transcribe World War I personnel files from Archives New Zealand

The Real Face of White Australia

Transcribe records of people living under the White Australia Policy

Scotland’s Places

Transcribe handwritten information about Scottish history.

Shakespeare's World

Transcribe manuscripts created by thousands of men and women.

The Smithsonian

Volunteer and transcribe historical documents and biodiversity data.

Transcribe Bentham

Transcribe the manuscripts of Jeremy Bentham, philosopher & reformer.

Transcribing Faith

Uncover the history of private religion by transcribing manuscripts.

Weather Rescue

Transcribe weather records recorded on Ben Nevis from 1883-1904

World Archives Project

Download the World Archives Project software and transcribe.