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Digital Continuity

When, in October 2011, the Scottish Parliament debated a motion on the ‘Digital Future of Scotland’s Heritage’, the emphasis was rightly on how digitisation is being and could be further harnessed to promote access to the nation’s heritage. That debate provided a glimpse into an important segment of what is a much larger canvass, namely how we create, maintain and facilitate future access to unimaginable quantities of digitally created data.

Finding a solution requires co-operation across disciplines and across institutions. In Scotland, arguably the first step was publicly taken when, on 27 November 2012, the Scottish Council on Archives organised and funded a one-day conference on ‘Digital Matters’. Stakeholders came together to share their thoughts, experience and different perspectives. Speakers included Mike Neilson, Director of Digital in the Scottish Government; Alice Stewart, Records Manager for Strathclyde Police; and Rachel Moffat, Records Management Services Manager at Lancashire County Council.

Breakout groups discussed a range of digital-related issues: from success at national level to what would most help individual organisations; the realities within individual organisations, including what is already underway and the successes and challenges identified; at national level the barriers to success and how best to overcome them; actual or potential key players in working towards success in digital continuity; and the support networks for digital matters and how they might be improved.

Abridged text from Broadsheet article published January 2013 (Issue 22). You can read the complete version below and download the papers and notes from the 'Digital Matters' conference.