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The Bursary

Since 2011 SCA has provided this annual CPD opportunity for an archivist, records manager, conservator or volunteer working in a Scottish archive or records management unit. In previous years the funds have been awarded to one individual and used to contribute to the fee for a range of modules or courses offered by the Universities of Dundee and Glasgow, or equivalent.

SCA acknowledges the importance of professional development across a range of areas. We are also aware that budgets for CPD are often limited and even approval for things like travel costs to enable you to attend a free event can be difficult. Therefore the Cadell Bursary is accepting applications for all types of CPD costs. This could involve travel costs, workshop or conference fees, or purchasing materials like books and computer software.

If you feel it is important and we can contribute to your development as an archivist, records manager or conservator then we want to hear from you.

Bursary Amount

There is no minimum amount for applications, and you can submit requests up to £200. Multiple applications will be considered but the maximum cumulative total should not exceed £200.


An archivist, records manager or conservator in a Scottish service, unable to get financial support for the CPD activity from their employer.


A volunteer or student, with at least six months experience in a Scottish archive or records management service, who is working towards a career in the archive or records management sector.

All applicants must be SCA members. Membership is free and you can find out more about how to register here. 

Application Process

Applications can be made by completing the online form.


We will be in touch to confirm receipt of your application and will return a decision within 10 working days. 


The total fund is restricted and applications will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Payment Process

SCA would prefer to reimburse expenditure incurred by the successful applicant, and will ask for proof of payment (e.g., receipts or invoices). If this is not possible we can consider advance payment if supported by accurate estimated costs (e.g., conference fee or estimated travel expenditure).

SCA can also pay suppliers directly, such as a training provider.

All bursaries must be paid before 31 March 2019.