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The consultation in 2014 resulted in the development of a new direction for the SCA. It identified the priorities for the archives and records management sector in Scotland and how SCA could most effectively help to deliver those priorities as well as continue to act as the lead independent advocacy body for the sector. You can find out more about our strategic goals at:

SCA is participating in a wider review of ‘Archives for the 21st Century’. Working in partnership with other lead strategic bodies across the UK, SCA will help to ensure the Scottish sector is represented.

Corporate & Business Plans 2015-18

The Corporate Plan sets out the overall direction for a three-year period, while the Business Plan gives in more detail what will be achieved within a financial year (April 2015-March 2016). The Business Plan is about the hands-on, practical commitments underpinning delivery of individual projects that each contributes to SCA’s strategic direction. What follows is a brief summary of what we hope to achieve this year (the numbers refer to the Strategic Goals, Objectives and Associated Actions detailed in the Plan at:

As in previous years, the Business Plan for 2015-16 is challenging - to the SCA and to its partner organisations and individuals. However, at its core sits a simple reality, namely that strength and effectiveness are to be found in mutually beneficial co-operation and support. A sector with that approach can deliver a range of initiatives, raise the profile of archives and show the relevance of archives and records management to the functioning of modern government and society in Scotland.

Annual Report 2014-15

The Scottish Council on Archives Annual Report 2014-15 is now available on the website at: