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Charity Status & Consultation

SCA’s transition to a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO), concluded with our first Annual Members’ Meeting in Edinburgh on 30 March 2015.

2014 was a year of review and consultation. We engaged the sector and a wide range of stakeholders in a strategic review to ensure the ‘new SCA’ has an organisational structure that is robust and representative. Summary results of the review were published in January 2015 and can be found at:


The consultation concluded that membership should be free and open to the following categories:

  • Individual Members: those individuals aged 16 or over who support the Charitable Purposes, who apply for membership.
  • Organisational Members: those organisations (including societies, associations and other groups which represent the interests of archives and/or archivists, records managers, and conservators) which support the Charitable Purposes, which apply for membership.
  • Corporate Members: those organisations which are not eligible to be Organisational Members (principally Local Authorities, Health Boards, Universities and businesses) which support the Charitable Purposes, which apply for membership.

Since we launched the membership in February 2015 we are delighted that so many colleagues and partner organisations have signed up. It is also great to see that the SCA is reaching new audiences, ensuring the voice for Scottish archives continues to grow. Signing up for membership is very simple and can be completed online at:

Board of Trustees

The first Annual Members’ Meeting also saw the retirement of the Interim Board and the election of eight Trustees:

  • Phil Astley
  • Caroline Brown
  • Rachel Hart
  • Claire Johnson
  • Irene O’Brien
  • Linda Ramsay
  • Elizabeth Roads
  • Kevin Wilbraham

Immediately following the Annual Members’ Meeting, the Board met and appointed Irene O’Brien (Dr) as Chair. To find out more about the Trustees please see their biographies at:

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the overall running of the SCA. Informed by the Charitable Purposes (as stated in our Constitution) and strategic goals, the Board oversees projects, considers proposals for new initiatives, drafts the annual budget and represents the organisation on external committees and at a range of events.

The current Board’s first term of office will last approximately 18 months, covering the period 30 March 2015 until the third Annual Members’ Meeting in September 2016. No Trustees will be required to retire at the second AMM on 30 September 2015. At the third and each subsequent AMM, one-third of the Trustees (or the nearest number upwards) shall retire from office. Details on becoming a Trustee are at:


We currently operate two sub-committees as follows:

  • The Education Committee was established in 2012 to assist with the development and delivery of the National Plan for Learning ( Composed of voluntary participants from the education and archive sectors, the group advises on all education related activities. More information can be found at:
  • The overarching purpose of the Preservation Committee is to take a strategic approach that identifies priority areas for action relating to the preservation and conservation of Scotland’s archive collections and associated access issues. It works to identify practical, actionable and cost-effective means of improving and promoting communication and partnership working. More information can be found at: