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Membership of the SCA continues to grow and to date we have a total of 245 members. Our intention is to ensure we are as representative of the entire sector as possible, therefore we would encourage all current members to please spread the word. You can find out more about membership here.

SCA’s third Annual Members’ Meeting was held on 29 September 2016. The meeting was again held as part of a larger event, exploring disaster salvage (more details about this event can be found in Projects).

Board of Trustees

The current SCA Board of Trustees is as follows:

  • Phil Astley
  • Caroline Brown
  • Rachel Hart
  • Bruce Jackson
  • Claire Johnson
  • William Kilbride
  • Irene O’Brien (Chair)
  • Meic Pierce Owen
  • Linda Ramsay
  • Elizabeth Roads
  • Victoria Stobo

Following the Third Annual Members Meeting, Kevin Wilbraham stood down as a trustee. We would like to thank Kevin for his efforts over the last three years. We also welcome Bruce Jackson and Meic Pierce Owen as trustees.

Details on becoming a Trustee are at: To find out more about the Trustees please see their biographies.


We currently operate two sub-committees: Education Committee and Preservation Committee. Details on their current activities are included in Projects.

Report & Financial Statements

We continue to be grateful to the Scottish Government for providing a core funding grant of £140,000 per annum. Whilst SCA reports expenditure and delivery of activities against our annual Business Plan to Scottish Government, the organisation is an independent Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation.

At September’s Third Annual Members’ Meeting, the Board of Trustees presented the Report & Financial Statements for the Period 1 April 2015 to 31 March 2016. Ahead of their formal submission to the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR), members were invited to review the document and raise any questions.

Pages 1 to 4 cover the Trustees’ report for the year, setting out a number of administrative details, the charity’s objectives and activities, its achievements and performance in the year and its plans for the future.

Page 6 shows the total income (£274,081) and total expenses (£275,565) for the year. In addition to the Scottish Government grant of £140,000, the Council continues to receive funds from the three-year grant awarded by the Heritage Lottery Fund. These funds come in bimonthly in arrears, which accounts for the small debit in the final amounts for the year. The Council holds sufficient reserves to match this shortfall. The notes on pages 9 and 10 provide a detailed breakdown of the expenses paid in the year.

Page 7, the Balance Sheet, lists the Council’s assets and liabilities at 31 March 2016, the assets at that date exceeding the liabilities by £5,397. The charity is not in a position to build up any significant reserves at present because the Scottish Government grant is intended to cover only expenditure incurred in the year, but that is a matter which the Trustees are keeping under review.

With no objections received from Members, the accounts were approved. They can be downloaded here.