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The best place to find out about our main activities and projects ongoing for this year is in the Business Plan. We also post the most up-to-date information on the website. However, below is a brief summary of what we have been up to over the past few months.

Opening Up Scotland’s Archives (Skills for the Future) 

SCA has received support from the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) under its Skills for the Future programme for the ‘Opening Up Scotland’s Archives’ project. The project aims to improve skills and service delivery within the Scottish archives sector through the provision of 18 traineeships between 2014 and 2017.

Cohort Three:

It has been a busy period for Cohort Three, with the completion fo final assessments for their CAIS modules due, day to day duties, and a full programme of training and visits. The final few months are now underway, and the Farewell event will be held in August.

In mid-June, our community archives conference, generously supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund and in partnership with Tasglann nan Eilean/ Hebridean Archives and the Archives and Records Association UK & Ireland, took place at Lews Castle Museum and Archive in Stornoway. This was an incredibly successful event, and we have received some very encouraging feedback. We would like to again thank all our speakers and all attendees (from both the mainland and the islands) for coming along. Full details of the programme can be found here.

Ancestral Tourism

April saw the latest edition of the very popular Who Do You Think You Are Live fair, at the NEC in Birmingham. With over 15,000 enthusiastic amateur genealogists attending, it proved a very busy few days at the SCA stall. Alongside members of the SCA office and the board of trustees, we were delighted to have support from the Highland Archive Centre and Perth and Kinross Archives. We would like to thank Anne Fraser and Lorna Steele coming down from Inverness, and Nicola Cowmeadow from Perth, to help make the weekend such a success. We have received a number of follow up enquiries, and the archives map of Scottish services has had a noticeable increase in visits.

Archives Accreditation

As the Scottish assessor body for the UK-wide Archive Service Accreditation scheme, the SCA has been involved with the recent assessment visits to services going through their applications. Scottish uptake of the programme has not kept pace with the demand in the other three home nations and SCA is consulting on why this may be the case, and what can be done to encourage more Scottish services to apply.

Two training workshops are planned, one in the autumn and a follow up in spring, to support those services preparing, or considering, to apply. These workshops will be led by Janice Tulloch, and more details will be announced soon. A survey was also issued to all Scottish services to gain a better assessment of the perceptions of the programme and the commitment from colleagues across the sector.



April 2017
06.04.2017-08.04.2017 Who Do You Think You Are Live (Birmingham)
25.04.2017 Skills for the Future Cohort Visit to Midlothian Archives (Dalkeith)
27.04.2017 SCA/Quality Scotland ARMS Quality Framework Meeting (Edinburgh)

May 2017
02.05.2017 SCA/TNA Skills for the Future Evaluation Meeting (Teleconference)
03.05. 2017 Fundraising for Archives Cohort Workshop (York)
08.05.2017 SCA/CIPFA Meeting (Edinburgh)
11.05.2017 Archives Accreditation Annual Committee Meeting (London)
11.05.2017 SCA/Quality Scotland ARMS Quality Framework Meeting (Edinburgh)
12.05.2017 Archive Accreditation Development Meeting (Teleconference)
16.05.2017 National Centre for Resilience Business Planning Event (Edinburgh)
17.05.2017 Historic Environment Scotland Archives Accreditation assessment visit (Edinburgh)
17.05.2017 Skills for the Future Cohort Visit to Glasgow School of Art (Glasgow)
18.05.2017 SCA/TNA Skills for the Future Evaluation Meeting (Teleconference)
19.05.2017 Digital preservation Coalition Advocacy & Communications Subcommittee meeting (Teleconference)
24.05.2017 SCA/BACS Meeting (Edinburgh)
26.05.2017 SCAN AGM (Edinburgh)
31.05.2017 SCENE Meeting (Edinburgh)

June 2017
05.06.2017 SCA/Red Quadrant Skills for the Future Evaluation meeting (Manchester)
06.06.2017 Trustee Meeting (Edinburgh)
06.06.2017 SCA/NRS Meeting (Edinburgh)
08.06.2017 Archives Accreditation Development Meeting (Teleconference)
14.06.2017-15.06.2017 Community Archives Conference (Stornoway)
20.06.2017 Preservation Committee Meeting (Edinburgh)
21.06.2017 Fundraising for Archives Cohort Workshop (Birmingham)
27.06.2017 SCA/TNA Skills for the Future Evaluation Meeting (Teleconference)